Moving to Africa

Before we get to Africa, I'd love to know your thoughts about birthdays. Personally, I love helping other people celebrate their birthdays, but when it comes to my own, I usually don't want any fanfare.  For the last few years, instead of having a traditional party with my friends, scoping each other out, hoping somebody new will show up, eating too much food and awkwardly bouncing to new and old music, I decided to have a birthday service project. Coordinating a with a local organization, I would invite my friends to join me in contributing to our local community for a few hours as we cleaned, collected and/ or contributed in some way.  It has been a great way to count these climbing years by taking the focus off the growing number and looking for a way to give back to a community that is good to me. 

In January, as I celebrated what I would consider a milestone birthday, my mind was racing at NASCAR speeds with all kinds of thoughts and questions. I'm single with no kids. I am passionate about the content and application of my current career but am at a standstill with the lack of professional growth and contributions the current system allows me to make. As a matter of personal growth, I made a concerted effort to master the educator craft and keep my skills relevant in behavior management, content delivery and pedagogy despite these crazy times in public education. Without going on for hours, over the course of a 15 year career, I feel great about the connections and contributions that I have made in the lives of your kids..our kids. These kids are funny, smart, clever, frustrating and powerful. You know..they're your kids that I am lucky enough to work with for a few hours. They're great. I'm going to miss them. 

However an opportunity has presented itself for me to go to Zambia, Africa to do all the things I love...teach, train and travel. So I quit my job, and will be joining efforts with to work on several education-based projects in Zambia starting March 4, 2018. If you are not familiar with the I Am Zambia organization, you'll want to watch out for them. Their strong commitment to self-sustaining programs and practices are a breath of fresh air in the non-profit world. The young, African women in these programs, led by local Zambians, are transforming these girls' lives, making them powerful within their own communities and families. 

I am not or will not be a 'savior' but I do believe  very deeply in the power and ability to influence...I believe that each of us has the ability to be an influencer to the communities in which we choose to involve ourselves. I plan on allowing myself to be influenced by the community in Zambia; by the language, culture, people and stories. I hope to influence as the opportunity arises.   

And you. You can be an influence wherever you are, whatever you may be doing. I really believe that and I would love to hear your story. 

As for now, follow this blog as I highlight the stories of Zambia, check in at for travel to Thailand and Africa, and follow margethaitours on Instagram for travel pictures from where I am.  Share your story too! Loves! #margethaitours #iamzambia
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mommy said…
Did you arrive safely? This will be such a wonderful adventure.

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