You should not come to Thailand if...

Welcome back!
Thanks to all of you who logged on my blog! I'm glad you came back because today we are going to have a little lesson and play a little game!

Let's start with the game! To play, simply look at the following pictures and ask yourself, "Why is he in Thailand?"


Exhibit Old Man #1
Exhibit 2: Old man

Exhibit 3: Old man

Great job! What do you think? What did you notice? I bet you noticed the same thing I have been noticing for years and the same thing Tanya noticed when she got here. They are all older men, apparently single and in the case of exhibit 3...looking for something.

We have concluded that they are trying to end up like this...Exhibit 4.

Hand in hand with a younger Thai woman which makes us sad. To be fair, we have decided (during our unofficial research) that there may be legitimate cases of business travel or other non-sketchy like activity; however, every time we see an older man it is difficult not to wonder what he is doing here.
The lesson: any man over 60 years old, traveling by himself may be up for immediate judgment and stereotyping by other travelers!

Have a great day!


Emily said…
It makes me stomach churn to even think what they are looking for and doing there. Beat them up.
Ginny said…
Unfortunately I think they're perfectly proud to be seen with a young, beautiful Thai woman and could care less about our judgement! Likewise, the woman is proud of her catch of a "rich" foreigner to take care of her (actual economic standing is of little or no consequence)
Anonymous said…
though I don't recommend that you "beat them up", I would recommend that judging based on pictures could be dangerous. My Father is an airline piliot for a cargo company that flies to all countries really, even thialand. My mom does not go with him on these trips. So when he goes on in the community, which he does because he likes to take avantage of the experiece, he is alone. What if he had been in one of your pictures? I am not offended though it might sound so...I just wanted to through another option in the pot and am GLAD that you DID highlight that it COULD be something else besides middle aged men prying on young women.
margethai said…
These are very thoughtful and inquisitive comments. Thank you and keep them coming! I love all the different ideas!
Janas Bananas said…
That is sooo funny. I know 2 older men that have philipeno and thai woman....One is about 500 pounds and the other old and single..But I hear they make GREAT loyal wives so if it makes them geezzz..
I try not think about those guys because I am not sure what I can do.

On another subject, "HI"!!!! I am soooo glad that you have a blog. Hope you are doing well and enjoying life. What are you up to?
Tanya said…
I think in picture #2 he is looking for a McDonalds. All he can find is KFC right behind him and Sizzler to the left.

How did you get a pictures so close up to #1.....Did you walk up behind him and just snap it? I want some behind the scenes.
Tanya said…
By the way - that was posted by Travis.
Andrea said…
Sure do miss you and Thailand!!! Wish I was there!!!
Brenna said…
Another option.... they are all gay. That's my vote.

Wish I was there with you.

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