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Moving to Africa

Before we get to Africa, I'd love to know your thoughts about birthdays. Personally, I love helping other people celebrate their birthdays, but when it comes to my own, I usually don't want any fanfare.  For the last few years, instead of having a traditional party with my friends, scoping each other out, hoping somebody new will show up, eating too much food and awkwardly bouncing to new and old music, I decided to have a birthday service project. Coordinating a with a local organization, I would invite my friends to join me in contributing to our local community for a few hours as we cleaned, collected and/ or contributed in some way.  It has been a great way to count these climbing years by taking the focus off the growing number and looking for a way to give back to a community that is good to me. 

In January, as I celebrated what I would consider a milestone birthday, my mind was racing at NASCAR speeds with all kinds of thoughts and questions. I'm single with no kids.…

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