Still Need Some More Love'n for Africa

Dear Friends:

I only have about one suitcase full of things to take to Africa, so if you are interested in helping out, here are a few more things that the school/ orphanage needs:

- Hoodies boys and girls, size 6 to adult medium
- Boys pants, jeans, blue dockers, khakis, size 6 to 14 gently used are fine
- Women's  and men's athletic shoes, new or like new size 5-11
- Sports bras, small, medium, large
- Long rope suitable for group jump rope activities
- A Book to read to a child
- Small games, puzzles or cards (for your backpack)
- Fitted and flat sheets, pillowcases (Walmart has for $4.00 or used is fine)
- COSTCO box of sheet protectors 8 1/2 x 11 for the teachers at school
- Bars of soap (take out of the box, shrink wrap or baggie about 10 together)
- Dish towels (dark colors)
- Small durable toys, no bigger than your hand for school kids  ie. match box cars, McDonald's toys, girls like costume jewelry, small dolls etc. Used is fine!
- Baby items: blankets, sleepers & pjs (used, but good condition is fine)
Yarn and/or crochet hooks sizes g-k
- Non oral medical supplies:  ace bandages, medical tape, gauze bandages, antibiotic creams and ointments, anti fungal cream

I am happy to come and pick up any items...just let me know!  



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