Update: Love My Life

Dear Blog Readers:

I know the the holidays are upon us, so I thought I would take a few minutes to update a few fun adventures I had this summer. Come along for the fun photo journey and enjoy.

First of all, did tons of hiking with my sister, Stephanie, mostly in Zion national park. On this particular hike, we practiced our laughing and rock climbing skills:

Then, I went to Thailand and Indonesia with friends and to visit friends; this picture was taken at our beach resort.

This picture is in Bali:

Then, my sister, Stephanie and my cousin Heather came to Thailand. I took this picture while riding on a motorcycle taxi in front of them. Seriously good times. I was able to be in SE Asia for about 6 weeks.

Next, my family celebrated my Grandpa Johnson's 95th Birthday with a family reunion in Oregon!! This is everyone who came from far and wide...even Canada!

My Grandpa swinging on the swing at my parents house at 95!

Among other races, I ran the Hood to Coast for the first time with my family...best time EVER! It was fun to run with my brother Travis and my mom.

And also my lovely cousins:

There was also a recent visit to Arizona to visit my brother Matt and his family, a few new additions to the family, and some birthday party...stay tuned for more. I'll post some more pics. Having a great time and loving my life, family and friends! Can't wait for the holidays!


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