In search of the great sequoia

Someone heard from somebody else that there was a giant sequoia tree in the middle of Pine Valley

National our adventure team...the A-team as we call ourselves...set out to find it. The day started

with a sunrise hike on Angel's Landing with some amazing pictures and views. Just Dennis and I did the

morning hike. But as you can see the sky was amazing and worth the effort so early! Fall is so FUN!

It was a little breezy but beautiful!!

The colors reminded me of a tropical fish tank..they were SO vibrant.

As Dennis and I were finishing breakfast at a cafe, my A-team friend Jessica (pictured left)

planned an adventure to find the a giant sequoia tree in Pine Valley National Forest. The only

directions we had were to take the Browse exit off I-15.

After driving in a town of 20 for 2 minutes, we asked some people who were fixing a van outside a house.

They had no clue what we were talking about but then found a local who knew of the tree!! He, through his

facial expressions and tone of voice, made it clear that our 7 mile off road journey was not worth it. BUT...

WE MADE IT!!!! Jessica's sister, Cherise is visiting from TX while her husband is serving our country.

Dennis and a few others took a swing on the tree...

pondered over the trickling brook....(Anthony and Jessica)

And Cherise missed David her husband.

we also played some pine cone baseball and started a fire. All in all it was a great adventure day. The A-team will continue its adventures and remember....Plum's the Word!


Wow, Marge! Those pictures are really amazing.
margethai said…
Thanks Choody! How can I get onto your blog?

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