Picture Time

SMILE! My friend Andrea is kind enough to let me practice taking portraits of her family when an occasion arises. She gets a great deal on portraits and I get to take pictures of her darling family. In July, she had her second child, first daughter Natalia. The camera loved this family!

This is Gabe, the big brother! I love him because he says 'yes' to every request!

An hour of picture taking was a long time for this little one.

My friend Andrea...hot mama!

Gabe is so great to his sister!

This is Brent...the father...pictured with Gabe.


I love this shot. She was trying to figure out why I was in her face for sure!

Thanks Andrea and Brent for letting me take pictures of your family! It was a great time! I am in the market of building my portfolio so if you like what you see, let me know. Also, click on the link 'check out my pics' for more pictures of Brent and Andrea and also my friend Lana, who let me shoot her bridals a few months back. Happy fall!!


Super cute! I love the umbrella pic.
Emily said…
i love the family one on the wall! i know the perfect place to take it when you come! can't wait!:)

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