The Next Generation

The next generation of Smiths is SO MUCH FUN and probably better than the first! My niece and nephews have all the great qualities of their Smith parents, tempered by the savvyness of the in-laws! This summer I had the chance to spend some time with them..which is one of my favorite things to do. From safaris to beaches to birthday parties and just hanging out in the back yard...Here they are!

LUCY: My beautiful, sassy, lip-gloss loving, one and only niece. We have a great time drawing, running, playing and having slumber parties. In Seaside this summer, she and I set out to find a candy store while everyone else was playing 'Fascination' of the many reasons we get along so well. :)

"TREY BOY": Trey and I love to wrestle and practice our karate moves together. He is very witty and is willing to try almost anything. This summer while camping at Timothy Lake, I dared him to dunk his body in the frigid water for $5 bucks....I had to pay up!

For more on LUCY and TREY'S adventures, and to see what crafts Tanya (their mom) is up HERE!

ETHAN: This smart guy and I recently enjoyed some good Wii time as well as some outdoor fun. He always has the best stories to tell and remembers things with great detail. I love going swimming with this little fish because he is one of the best swimmers I know.

AIDAN: This guy is going will try anything! He has the bravest and most fearless heart. I love to swing and throw him around. That handsome and darling face can really give you a run for your money!

For more on ETHAN and ADIAN'S adventures and to see some of Emily's crafts and projects, click HERE!

EZRA: One of the newer additions to the family, this guy loves to play! We love to play on playgrounds together while he talks and makes friends with everyone. One of my favorite things is when he wraps his little fingers around one of mine and we walk together.

Last but not least....

GREYSON: This little guy can sing, dance and work his way around on the internet better than any other 2 1/2 year old I know! His Singing in the Rain, High School Musical and Mary Poppins renditions are like none other!

For more on Greyson and to see some of his performances, check out this BLOG!

I love these guys so much and can't wait for more adventures in the future!


Emily said…
sweet post. every kid loves aunt marge.

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