Summer Fruit

One reason why I love summer is because of the fresh fruit. When I visit Oregon in the summer, I love picking the blueberries, strawberries and all the other delicious fruit. I thought I would try to recreate that experience here before I head to Oregon.

My friend Sophie loves picking fruit as much as I do. While at work a few days ago, we heard of a cherry farm that had u-pick cherries...our favorite! We got up early on day and set out to find the farm. The instructions were not clear but we were determined...

This is what we found.

We had the best time picking..this is Sophie in the tree.

This is what the farm looked like from the road...the sun was super bright!

And this was the reward of our adventure! Totally worth it at only $1.00/ pound!

Oregon fruit, beware...


Emily said…
have fun in oregon! will you be passing through?

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