Go Magic....

I love Disneyland and have always wanted to go to DisneyWorld in Florida. Well, last week, thanks to my friend Freddy having a work conference at a DisneyWorld resort, I finally made it! The weather was perfect and off I went!
They almost didn't let me in because I forgot my ID to pick up my ticket at will call....but I talked the guy into letting it fly! As I was walking around, I saw some people gathering in a group so I stopped to see what was going on. One of the maintenance workers filled his sweep-up garbage collector with water and then used his broom to create this masterpiece on the hot ground.

I was sure to stop by city hall on my way out and get my pin. What 32-year old wouldn't?

I also went to Aquatica...it is the water park connected to SeaWorld. Luckily, I had some friends whose husbands were at the conference as well. There was a ride here where I got to pass through a tank of dolphins!

Of course hit the Epcot Center...I built my own future, talked to Crush, played almost every interactive memory game there, and went on a newer ride called Test Track. Loved it!

While at Epcot, I met Ali. He is from Morocco. Too bad the only words I spoke to him were, "Can I have a picture with you? I also saw some ladies that may have been there too long....

It was Freddy's birthday while we were there...it was also his friend Burt's birthday a few days later. So we went out with some people to a fun Italian dinner. Happy Birthday guys!

Saturday Freddy and I went to downtown Orlando and got some Thai food (not the best I've had) and saw this guy who was dancing around the streets with a handwritten sign on a piece of paper yelling and singing , "Go Magic, Go Magic." We were not even sure if they were playing but definitely got a kick out of this die hard fan. I forgot the SD card in my camera or you better believe you would have seen a picture of that! I miss Orlando.


JDELL'S said…
I love Disney World!!! Hands down better than Disneyland!

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