Fruitland Friends

I love the Fruitland area of Salem where I grew up and went to school. I especially love my old friends from that area who I don't get to see too often. Lucky for me, Heather (one of my many favorites from Fruitland and beyond) was visiting Chicago for work and we went out and got caught up one night. Freddy, although not an official Fruitland Falcon but native to the area, came too and we had a great time! I wish it would have been someone's birthday so we could have sung 'Happy Birthday' in Dutch. Go Falcons.


Peter Smith said…
Lang zal ze leven!
Lang zal ze leven!
Lang zal ze leven in de gloria!
In de gloria!
In de gloria!
Peter Smith said…
Wait, found more...

Er is er een jarig hoera-hoera
Dat kun je wel zien dat is hij.
Wij vinden het allen zo prettig ja-ja,
En daarom zingen wij blij:
Hij leve lang hoera-hoera,
Hij leve la-ang hoera.

This is NOTING like what I thought I was saying all those years.
Emily said…
Love it Pete!

Tell Heather Hi for us! That's fun that she could visit!

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