These boots were made for RUNNING!

I feel this is my greatest Chicago moment yet...these boots led me to a morning victory of chasing down a public transportation bus at 6 o' clock in the morning in downtown Chicago. Why?
I left my purse on the bus. That purse is my many of you ladies know.
I have been waiting tables at the Elephant and Castle and have to work the breakfast shift on occasion. This morning, I took another bag with workout clothes to hit the gym after my shift. I BARELY walked in the restaurant, greeted my co-worker and realized I had one bag and not two...a work out bag and NOTHING ELSE!

So, I dropped my workout bag and did what any girl would have done...went outside in the snow to chase the bus down. ..with those boots on. My plan was to run as fast as I could in which case would eventually lead me to a cab...but to no avail. I ran my little heart out down Clark Street until another bus driver honked and stopped to ask me what was wrong. I quickly told him the problem and he said he would try to radio the bus....I kept running... and my surprise...I saw a big yellow 22 (the bus I take) parked letting the last people off! I didn't think I had anything left in me until I started even faster to a bus that was just starting to pull away! But just before it hit the streets, I BANGED on the window, scared the familiar bus driver, and asked her if I had left my purse on the bus. She said someone had just turned it in (a dear saint as far as I am concerned), reached behind her and handed me my purse! Then my little boots walked me back to the restaurant and waited patiently for me to finish work, and then they brought me home. I never knew they had it in them.


Emily said…
That's great Marge! I'm so glad you got it back with everything in it!! They look nice and warm. If we don't talk to you before---Merry Christmas!! XOXO
Tanya said…
this is a good story. you are just a good traveler. even if it is just to work and back.
Colls said…
You really are a good traveler. And a good runner. I probably would have been like, oh well..who's servin breakfast, I hungry!
spackle sisters said…
WOW....good thing you run Marathons. I never would have made it! Blessings abound!

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