Good Bye Plates

Good bye Utah plates! The last day of October was the last day these Utah plates were valid. My car now wears Illinois coming soon. As you can see the plate frame is in Chicago people "tap" their cars into parking spots when they parallel park. Basically, it's perfectly acceptable to bump the car in front of you, and in back of you when you park. I got tapped a little hard one day and this was the result.

Here is a view of the city from the park near my new apartment.
These next pics are a little over due...My new bedroom.

The kitchen.

A view from my front window. I am on the 8th floor of a 9 floor building. There is a little construction as you see.

Tomorrow I am going to take pictures of the fall trees and leaves changing colors so that you can see how beautiful it is here.


Tanya said…
you got a place! i can't wait to come visit.
Emily said…
i love your place. how fun!! lets get some oprah tickets and hit the town!:) i would actually love to come see you marges...

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