Colors of Fall

So, I continue to have these 'first' experiences here in Chicago...experiencing people, places and things for the first time. One for instance, was taking pictures in Lincoln Park near my home! For the first time, a little squirrel followed me around the park for a minute thinking I was going to give him some food. He sat right up and begged for it!

The geese were also out yesterday. I frequent this path running to the lake and as of late, this gaggle of geese has been around. Sometimes I get nervous they are going to attack me, but I haven't had an unpleasant run in yet.

This is a pond right connected to the Lincoln Park Conservatory and Nature Museum. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's iced over!

A beautiful fall leaf. I haven't see these for awhile because St.George never really had a fall.

These beautiful fall days invite cider and hot chocolate which I hope all of you are enjoying where ever you are. I'll probably post a few more pics just because I cannot get enough of these colors!


Glory Laine said…
Margo, I am super lovin' your blog. I would love to visit the windy city someday.

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