Bad Knee

Poor Freddy had knee surgery on Tuesday...for the third time. When I picked him up from his surgery, his knee was wrapped in an ace bandage of course, but today was the big unveiling...and this is what was uncovered! For his own account visit HIS SITE!

In order to keep spirits high before his "bionic knee" is back to normal, we like to feed him yummy things like Five Guys hamburgers. Get well soon!


spackle sisters said…
Our 5 guys just opened. Pretty good burgers, did you eat them? Doesn't seem quite Margo approved!
Shane and Amy said…

Thanks for your comment on our blog! I've loved reading about all of your adventures---how fun!!! I totally want to go to Thailand now! Looks like you and Tanya had a blast! I can't wait to see how Chicago goes. If you are ever in Japan you are welcome to stay with us. We live about a 1 hour train ride from Tokyo! Take care!


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