Firsts in Chicago

It has been been a week officially since I have made the big move to Chicago and it has been ridiculously fun, exciting and full of firsts. Having traveled somewhat extensively, I thought moving to another domestic city would not be so full of adventures, however, I cannot even start to detail all the new discoveries and experiences I have had, but here they are listed at firsts...

The first of the firsts: Colleen and I left St. George on a Thursday evening with the goal of driving straight through to Grand Island, Nebraska (which we accomplished). However, in doing so, for the first time, I got pulled over at 2:30am and instead of ticket, received a business card from the police officer.

...with a little note on the back. What kind of police officers have aqua blue gel pens? Just ask Colleen.

Then speaking of tickets, I got my first parking ticket in Chicago for not moving my car out of the way for the street cleaners, who happen to come on the third Tuesday of every month. on this street anyway. I'll have to start marking my calendar for every street in town. All the streets here have a different cleaning schedule. Freddy thought it was funny that I only survived a week without a ticket but check out his record: I've got a ways to go to catch up. And, as a side note, that was documented about 2 years ago. The list is much longer now with the most recent offense being added last week.
I also got to meet the majority of Colleen's Nebraska -based family for the first time, including her beautiful mother (center) and her amazing cousin Jamie (and her family).

I also saw ribs being sold at a gas station for the first time, in Perkins, Ohio, on the way to Cedar Point Amusement Park: Roller Coaster Capital of the World.

I met the owners, who were all related, had some of the best ribs ever! I usually don't eat meat, but the ribs we ate were from a pig that was killed three farm houses away from the gas other words, it was a home-grown, non-processed pig and it was delicious!

Then off to Cedar Point for the first time which has been on my list of things to do for quite sometime now. This particular, potentially sickening roller coaster goes up and over the top of the yellow tip at 120 miles per hour with only a seat belt and a lap bar that held me in as I felt like I was plummeting to death on the way down. Right after ribs? Not a great idea.

The last first that I would like to document is my first exposure to Gypsy Tears. What are Gypsy Tears and what are they used for? No one really knows, but Freddy is coming up with some good ideas.


I'm so glad you're finally giving us a little update! I have to admit, though... that cop and the love note weirded me out a little. hahaha. We love you and miss you! Have tons of fun and head west to Noah's Ark Waterpark while the weather's still hot!
Emily said…
loved the post. Keep 'em coming. every now and then ethan reminds us that you drove all the way to oregon last summer. it made quite an impression. glad you made it chicago safely.
spackle sisters said…
I just really miss you! Glad you made Cedar Point!

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