Aloha! Mahalo! I am back on the mainland and wanted to give a few highlights of my trip to Hawaii with Fredrick, Mindy (friends from McKay HS) and our new friend Matt. First of all, the picture above was taken at the Green Sand Beach..the only green sand beach on the island of Hawaii. As you can see from the link, this beach is surrounded by cliffs. If it had not been for meeting a random group of vacationing military friends, a four-wheeled vehicle, and some serious committment from all vacationers, we may have never found it.

Additionally, we went to an active volcano sight and were warned of sulfur dioxide poisoning in the air because the ashes were so close to us and the wind was blowing that day. I cannot remember the name of this volcano but it was really cool.

Another highlight was going fight Brazlian Ju Jitsu at a famous fighter's, BJ Penn, gym. Freddy and I went and worked out with some of the locals...BJ was not there that day but his brother was. When I left my shirt was drenched with sweat...we got worked out hard!

Another great highlight was night snorkeling with manta rays! The were within inches of us snorkeling! Someone did record us snorkeling with them, but we did not buy the video. Youtube has some great ones though if you want to get an idea of how close they came to us. Watch these videos.

These are just few of the many experiences we had! The NASA ovservatory, great resturants, beautiful beaches, and lots of airtime for the class of '96 alums. It was definitely a trip to remember and Aloha!

For Freddy's day by day break down visit


spackle sisters said…
Yay! Can't wait to talk to you!
Emily said…
looks like you had a great time!
Brenna said…
So glad your having a blast. Love Hawaii. Good job on finding that beach - it's beautiful.
jfishmag said…
Margo! You have an amazing life! I love to see your adventures.
-Jill (Fish) Magnesen
renaelee78 said…
You are so cute Margo! I love your pictures.
margethai said…
Thanks for the comments everyone!

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