Champion: Traveler's IQ

For the record: while I was in Chicago I introduced Freddy to a little travel game that was introduced to me sometime ago. It involves rapidly locating various cities, states, countries etc. on a map an getting points for accuracy and speed. Check it out! then click on traveler's IQ.

Well, it became quite the friendly competition to see who could score the highest points. We competed in the USA challenge to keep it fair. You can see whose traveling IQ is higher.
I must mention however, that Freddy did come within 8km of Portland, Or at one point and he does know the midwest better than I do...but not for long!


Fredrick said…
swaggering manner, conduct, or walk; ostentatious display of arrogance and conceit.
Tanya said…
i just played. i beat freddy too! sucker :o)
margethai said…
Yes Tanya...I knew you would pull through. You are a traveler!
starlagurl said…
Awesome. Hilarious desktop background as well. I'm glad you guys like the game so much.

Louise Brown
TravelPod Community Manager

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