The Caves Adventure Pt.1

This is the adventure of the caves. The group shown in the last blog all set out to something called Tham Pha Pa (The Buddha Cave) in the Tha Kaeg region of Laos. We started out by renting motorcycles in Laos for about 8 dollars per day (a little more expensive than Thailand, but to be expected because Laos is a little less developed). You can see we were in some pretty remote areas. The cave was about 20 miles from the city.

The road was often paved with obstacles...ones that did not even flinch if a motorcycle came near!

And it rained right before we left! These are not gentle little
sprinkles, but semi-monsoons as it is the end of the rainy season in this part of SE Asia.

And of course, the trip would not be complete without the chain falling of one of the motor bikes every 10 minutes.

But after it cleared up there was some breath-taking Laos country to be seen.

When we got to the cave, the path from where we parked our bikes to the cave was high from all the rain water, so these little boys called an older man to take us to the cave in a little boat just like this one. It cost 20 cents to ride the boat.

Inside the cave were stalagmite formations like these with Buddha images of all sizes all around the cave. I asked my Thai friends if they thought it the images were placed there for a tourist attraction, but they said that long ago people used to bury their treasures in places like them to keep them safe and they thought it was legit. The ladies you see pictured here sit in the cave all day long and wait for visitors like us...which there are not very many of now because most people go vacationing in December. We were not allowed to take pictures of the actual Buddhas inside the cave, but this gives you an idea of the inside of the cave. It cost .50 cents to get into the cave.

After the ride home, we had some much needed dinner after the long ride. Pictured here are Yieow (blue shirt),Kaa, and me. It was an adventure I would definitely do again! What do you think? Would you go on an adventure like this?


These are such cool must be amazing there!

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