A Mean Joke

I'd like to welcome Rebekah and Jarom to Thailand! They made it to Thailand safely but upon arrival, I played a little joke that ended up with Rebekah in tears!

I had a Thai friend named Tawon hold up a sign for Rebekah and Jarom and then when he found them, Tawon told them that that I was in the hospital from a car accident, with a broken leg and had to have surgery! Tawon said that he would take R and J to the hospital. It was funny until Rebekah startead crying! I video taped the whole thing...when the tears started to flow... I had to intervene! :) I think that after I took Rebekah shopping yesterday, she forgave me.


Tanya said…
ha ha ha. i am totally giggling. that was mean though so mean. ha ha. marge you are one of a kind.
spackle sisters said…
You are mean!! Poor girl!! Tell them hi for me!
Colls said…
I don't think that is very funny. please don't do that to me if i come visit. i would be ticked.
Brenna said…
Only someone as wonderful as you could get away with something this mean!

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