Giant Jellyfish anyone?

J and R have only been here three days but we have been packing a lot in. We have been to the Grand Palace, the beach, almost every major shopping center in BKK! This is us when Ipicked them up at the airport after Rebekah stopped crying!

We went to the beach with a great family and Lily (pictured here with me) found a dead jelly fish that we examined for a few minutes.

This is R and J with Lily and Maniwan at the beach house we stayed at!

We are headed to Chiang Mai today for some elephant rides and other adventures and then into Laos! Rebekah is thinking about getting her hair permanently straightened here...what do you think?
love Margethai


Emily said…
I say straighten it!!!! Why not? So fun to see more picts. Gross Jelly fish btw.
Family Sellers said…
O got to say I LOVE your blog! How awesome that you are in Thailand! Keep it up I love to laugh out loud. This is WAY better than T.V. after I put my kids to bed! check out my blog
It won't be as good as yours but if you are really bored. OH never mind, you can't get bored in Thailand! Great to see you looking so good! You are still as adorable as ever!
Sara said…
Marge, are you just vacationing in Thailand or are you living there now? Man, it looks like SUCH a fun place to visit.

miss you!

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