Farewell to Tanya

I was sad to send Tanya back to America yesterday morning! We had lot of adventures here including the riding elephants, motorbikes and taxis. You can see how happy she is shopping!

This was all the stuff she bought. She got some killer deals on a Spiderman and Batman suits for Trey! Though I was sad to see her go, I am excited to be a tour guide for Rebekah and Jarom who will be coming on Friday!

Here are some quotes from Tanya while she was here.
1. "You need me."
2. " This place is like a carnival all day."
3. "I just saw my life flash before my eyes."
4. " I don't know what I have been eating, but I've liked it all."

Bye Tanya. Thailand misses you already!


Emily said…
Glad you guys had fun!Keep the picts coming! Aunt Suzanne says Hi!:)
Christi said…
I'm glad you have a blog so I can now see what is happening in your exciting life. Love ya, Marge!
Tanya said…
oh man good times were had. thank you so much. i'll never forget it!

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